Our Perfume & Cologne: Your Questions Answered

At Scents N Lotions, we get asked a lot of questions about perfumes & colognes, and all things fragrance. We’ve put together a single page with all of the answers to the questions you might have about our perfumes, body products, and colognes. If you have other questions, just complete the form, or give us a call!

Differences Between Cologne and Perfume

What is the difference between perfume and cologne?

The difference between perfume and cologne is not one is for women and the other is for mens. It’s actually the amount of oil that separates the two. Perfume has 15% – 20% oil, Cologne has 2% – 6% oil. But when you buy from Scents N Lotions we blend our perfume and cologne with 25% oil.

What last longer cologne or perfume?

Perfume is actually significantly stronger, due to the amount of fragrance oil. Perfume has 9% more oil than cologne. More oil, Longer lasting fragrance.

What is better cologne or perfume?

Cologne is meant to be lighter, Perfume is stronger. What do your prefer?

How can I make my cologne last longer?

1)Layer (use your desired fragrance in lotion, shower gel, bath gel products.)
2)Make sure your skin is hydrated
3)spray your clothing

Fragrance Questions

How can I make my fragrance mist last longer?

1)Layer ( use unscented or scented lotion and spray over top)
2)Spray Clothing
3)Spay wrist, neck, chest, hair

Is cologne better than perfume?

Cologne and perfumes are different. One is not better than other, it just depends on what you like. Perfume is stronger, Cologne is lighter.

Which type of perfume last the longest?

Are you dry? Are you on medication? Do you drink a lot of water? Everything about your body plays a role in how you smell and how things smell on you. So, unfortunately, there is no “magic” perfume to tend to everyone’s needs or last the longest. Do keep in mind the more oil in your fragrances the longer-lasting they will be. Experiment!

Questions About The Best Perfumes For Women

How do I choose a perfume?

Choosing a new perfume and cologne can be overwhelming but choosing can be easier than you think. Your body has all the answers! Try on the skin and smell what gravitates to you!
Choose from a …..

  • Floral: our version of (ex. Michael kors, Poppy, Daisy)
  • Fruity: our version of ( ex. Taj sunset, Cloud, Oui)
  • Sweet: our version of ( ex . Ari, Alien, Bright Crystal)
  • Spicy: our version of (ex: Jimmy Choo, Gucci Rush, Jimmy Choo Exotic, Angel)
  • Musky : our version of (ex: Coco Mademoiselle, Black Opium, Tobacco Vanille)
  • Clean : our version of (Burberry, Woodsage & Sea Salt, Truly Timeless)
What makes most perfumes so expensive?

One of the main reasons perfumes and cologne are so expensive is because of the
name or brand its attached to. You’re really paying for the packaging, marketing,
sponsors etc. Scents n Lotions believes you don’t have to break the bank for high quality
products! We are known for higher quality products, at a fraction of the price!

Do expensive perfumes last longer?

Regardless of the price, what really matters is the amount of fragrance oil. More fragrance, less alcohol more staying power!

Perfume And Cologne Application Questions

How much of your perfume should I spray?

Whether you spray and walk into it or spray directly on skin always remember, less is more. Normally 3-4 sprays are plenty enough!

Where should I spray my perfume?

Spray chest, wrists, back of neck, hair, directly on clothing.

Questions About Perfume Oils

Do Perfume oils last longer?

Perfume oils or our roll-on oil last longer because perfume oil is just the “odor” nothing mixed.

Are oil based perfumes better?

High concentration of perfume oil based fragrances tend to stay longer. We make our perfume and colognes with 25% Oil.

Is perfume oil stronger?

Perfume oil (roll-on oil) is stronger because it’s not mixed but roll-on’s are used in a
controlled amount and usually in small areas. When perfume is used its sprayed
everywhere and on everything, So people who are not as close can smell you more, just because its on multiple areas ( you, hat, scarf, hair, jacket, shirt etc)