Proudly making you and your loved ones smell good since 1992

Love, love, love this place. Have been shopping there for a very long time and can't imagine paying department store prices. I walk in and Nevada knows exactly what type of fragrance I will like and lets me know what is new. All the products are incredible and if you haven't been in, I say give it a try. -Tish C.

I love this place and Thanks for all the good specials!!! -Lynda L.

Scents N Lotions has consistently provided me the best products at the best prices for years! I love the personal service, too! -Carolann S.

A ten year loyal Scents N Lotions customer! I have been wearing Scents N Lotions perfume for over ten years. The perfume smells exactly like the real thing. They cost a fraction of what you would pay at a department store and they stay on longer than the real stuff! The sisters that own the store are fabulous too! If there is a scent they don't have they will get it ordered. I absolutely love them, as well as their products! A must try for any woman! Although they do also sell men's cologne. -Katie S.

I have been a faithful customer of Scents N Lotions for approximately 6 years. It's much better than department store brands, because the scents stay with you all day with minimal application and the prices are extremely competitive. -Gail V. 

I have been shopping with Scents N Lotions since 1997. Their products are the very best! I love the men and women's fragrances and they have great candles! Mary and Nevada are fun to shop with and are great business women. I have told many people about this store. It is one of my favorites. -Melanie F.

I use Scents N Lotions products because they are of designer quality at economical prices. I can purchase perfume, lotion, shower gel, and shea butter all for the cost of what I would pay at department store for jus the perfume. -Vicki H.

No matter where I go people always recognize the scents that I am wearing. Aftert wearing Scents N Lotions and getting all the compliments I get, why would I ear anything else but Scents N Lotions perfume and body care products. -Joy S.

The best perfume shop ever! I have been shopping with Scents N Lotions for over 7 years. And refer all my cliental to Scents N Lotions. Love their purses and Jewelry. -Kami G.

I have been a long time customer of Scents N Lotions, since 1997. I highly recommend their products to everybody. Their fragrances last for the entire day. I say again. I highly recommend to all men and women as well as teenagers. Scents N Lotions have the best products ever. I rate them as a 5***** -L. Fisher

I have shopped at Scents N Lotions for years now, and I find it the most exciting store in Lubbock. I wear their perfumes, body lotion, and body butter they are all wonderful. There is definitely no close comparison than their perfumes and the originals. I will never wear anything but Scents N Lotions now that I have found them. -Vicki

Scents N Lotions is a fun place to shop. The staff is really nice and I enjoy visiting with them, I have been a customer for 10 years. I am often complimented on my perfume. Its scent is just like the original perfume, but much less expensive, and I get coupons to get extra perfume for free or half price! Now I am also hooked on the lotions that go with my perfume. I am a regular customer and will continue to be-- you can't go wrong with shopping here! -Janice G.

I have been a customer of Scents N Lotions for several years and love their products. Their version of the designer colognes, body butter, and lotions are wonderful. I get compliments wherever I go. In fact, I think their cologne stays on me longer than the original ones, and the cost is much less. I love all their candles and décor items. they also have the cutest handbags and jewelry. I would be lost of I didn't have Scents N Lotions to do my shopping plus couldn't find another store that would treat me as nice as they do. I tell all my friends about them! -Fran D.

I have been using Scents N Lotions products for about 8 years and will never stop! Their products smell like the "name brand" unlike other companies. the scent lasts all day and the lotions are very nourishing to your skin! have a blessed day! -Whitney B.

I've used Scents N Lotions for many, many years and am absolutely satisfied with all the fragrances I have purchased. I'm a real fragrance buff and I would put Scents N Lotions products up against any of the "real meal deals". The fragrances last all day without having to reapply at different times during the day making the products not only economical but also genuine. every fragrance that I have purchased has the smell of the name brand and I get all kinds of compliments at work on fragrances I wear and they are Scents N Lotions fragrances. My family and co-workers know I don't purchase fragrances anywhere other than Scents N Lotions! -Gayle B.

Scents N Lotions, over the past 15 years, has revolutionized products that are sold in their store. Mary and Nevada effortlessly keep up with the latest in men and women's products. I make it a must stop each time I plan a trip to Lubbock because I know ill be in for an exciting surprise... you must stop by and check out what is new... you wont be disappointed, I promise!! -Vicki A

Wow! Scents N Lotions is a gift from God to me! What woman doesn't like to smell good! The prices don't compare to anywhere else! I just love the employees because they always make me feel special. I have certainly told others about Scents N Lotions and will continue to do so! its great! -LaDonna S.

I have been doing business with Scents N Lotions and all I can say "totally outstanding products with courteous and professional salespeople" Will not use anyone else or buy anywhere else! -Caroli C.K.

Everywhere I go people always stop and ask me what fragrance of perfume I'm wearing and I tell them Scents N Lotions version of "Michael Kors", and they just cant believe how much it smells like the real thing. I would never purchase perfume anywhere else but Scents N Lotions. -Terry J.

I am very  pleased with the products Scents N Lotions has to offer. I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and I would not go any other place. I refer friends and family and with the best prices in town why wouldn't you love it!? -Christopher G.

I have been a very satisfied with Scents N Lotions for over 15 years. They are friendly, dependable and offer the best products! Their shaving gel is the most incredible thing I have ever used! -Amy A.

I love Scents N Lotions. I've been coming here for years. I have gotten so many compliments on their version of Burberry. I tried the real perfume and didn't get any compliments on it. I'm buying my husband's fragrances here now. I love them! -Darla S.

I have been a customer at Scents N Lotions for 18 years and it is great! The fragrances are wonderful and I always get lotions to match. The customer service is awesome. They always introduce me to the newest fragrances that they know I will love -Lisa S.

I became acquainted with Mary Roten, owner of Scents N Lotions when my oldest daughter was at Texas Tech in 1994.Scents N Lotions was in the mall and on 82nd street as well. My entire family uses the products from the shop in many forms. The fragrances are truly the same as the original one created on the market today. And yes, they are at a much cheaper price point. Mary and Nevada are trained and very well versed in the chemistry it takes to make the fragrances that are desired by the customer. They even specialize in the consistency desired by the customers in lotions, balms, cream ect.. They guarantee their production. Even for the men, they love it. These gals are up to the minute with the newest and most popular fragrances on the market. They are compliant with the regulations set for to produce the most current products available. Me and my family, extended family and friends that I have introduced to Scents N Lotions love the specialty they provide. -Janice B.

I have been coming to Scents N Lotions since they opened their doors and have been thrilled and pleased with them and all their products. They are so professional and friendly! I love them. -Gwen M.

For at least 15 years I have been a faithful customer of Scents N Lotions. Over the years, not only have I been very satisfied with the products, but I have sent many customers to Scents N Lotions. They always have the latest perfumes, to quality, at affordable prices. -D'Lynn

I have been a customer of Scents N Lotions since they first opened their doors. They have every fragrance that any woman could possibly desire. I highly recommend Scents N Lotions to everyone no matter if they live in Lubbock or far away! -Lesa R.

I have been a customer of Scents N Lotions for over 15 years. And love it! You simply can not beat the price anywhere else and the fragrances are the best! My favorite is their version of Laugh, and I get so many compliments. I recommend them to everyone! -Tammy R.

I have been a faithful customer for 15+ years with Scents N Lotions. The fragrances are great. I have gotten more compliments on Scents N Lotions version than designer fragrances. The prices are even better! I highly recommend them to everyone! -D. Nice

I love Scents N Lotions. I'm from Hobbs, NM and I drive to Lubbock just to come to Scents N Lotions for my perfumes. -Carmen F.

Scents N Lotions is my favorite place. The scents are cheaper and stay on longer and smells better. The store is friendly and very hospitable. -Wynette C.